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I generally read with a highlighter in my hand. If I find ideas worthy of remembering I type up my notes afterwards. At times I've shared my notes with others, and they've found them helpful. So I'm making my notes available on this page for books that have been of interest to me. If you find these notes helpful, I hope you will consider buying the book to read yourself, and to keep in your library.


     7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)


     The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing (Ries & Trout)


     The Art of Persuasion (Bob Burg)


     Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand)


     Building a Story Brand (Donald Miller)


    The Challenger Sale (Dixon & Adamson)


     Create a Personal Brief to Secure Employment (N. Hill)


     Daly Life (Chuck Daly)


     Enthusiasm Makes the Difference (Norman Vincent Peale)


     Go Givers Sell More (Bob Burg & John David Mann)


    How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success (Frank Bettger)

    How to Feel Great 24 Hours a Day (Dr. George Sheehan)


    How to Win Friends & Influence People (Dale Carnegie)


     How to Work a Room (Susan Roane) 


    Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion (Robert Cialdini) 


    The Last Stand of Payne Stewart (Kevin Robbins)


     Master Key to Riches (Napoleon Hill)


     Millionaire Real Estate Agent, The (Gary Keller) 


     A Piece of the Pie (Joseph Carvin) 


    The Power of Positive Thinking (Norman Vincent Peale) 


    Sherlock Holmes excerpts (Arthur Conan Doyle) 


    Ten Greatest Salespeople (Robert L. Shook)


    That All Shall be Saved (David Bentley Hart) 


    They Bought It - Stanley Arnold profile (The New Yorker 1960)


    Think & Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) 


    The Trust Edge (D. Horsager)


    Uncontainable (Kip Tindall) 


    Verbal Judo (Thompson & Jenkins)


    What Great Salespeople Do (Michael Bosworth) 



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